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BCSD/O Tellez investigation enters 6th week. Still, no end in sight.

If ever I have to write a post entitled

Tellez investigation enters 157th week, 
it will be a week too late for the people to get their pound of flesh from a public servant who betrayed their trust.

Statutes of limitation will have expired on felony criminal misconduct.  Evidence and testimony will not be used in a criminal prosecution of a senior APS administrator over alleged felony criminal misconduct.

Really?     No way!

These same players; APS, BCSO, Tellez,
have done it before.  They will do it again.

The leadership of the APS and the Bernalillo County Sheriff Office allowed statutes of limitation to expire on felony criminal misconduct while holding evidence secret from prosecution.

In 2006, there was felony criminal misconduct going on in the leadership of the APS Police force.  The Journal investigated and reported on it in 2007, link.

The District Attorney Kari Brandenburg has never filed charges.

She has never filed charges, because
she has never seen the evidence.

She has never seen the evidence because the leadership of the APS decided to not let her shoe it to her.

Brandenburg claimed ;
  • never to have seen the evidence of felony criminal misconduct and
  • to be without the authority to demand to see it.
The evidence still has not been produced; not to the DA and not to the public knowledge.

The findings of every investigation of public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS Police force are still hidden from the District Attorney and they are still hidden from the people.

The leadership of the APS still has not explained why they want to keep the ethically redacted public records secret.

Defendant Esquivel
Marty Esquivel and Winston Brooks are spending a lot of your money in federal court, in their effort to keep those findings secret from the people and secret from criminal prosecution.

They dip from a bottomless pool and spend without adequate oversight.

By any honest account; there is a culture of corruption and incompetence in most governments in New Mexico.

Cultures of corruption and incompetence exist in no small part, because the likelihood of being caught and punished is so miniscule.

APS Supt Brooks
With pitifully few exceptions, no pound of flesh is ever taken from powerful politicians and public servants who betray the trust of the people who elected, appointed and or hired them.  For powerful good ol' boys in New Mexico, there is no
payment or punishment that involves suffering and sacrifice on the part of the person being punished.
Its one of the accoutrements of power in New Mexico; if you get caught and you're powerful enough, you just pump in more tax dollars and walk away scot-free.

Steve Tellez does not deserve to walk away scot-free.  No politician or public servant who betrays the public trust should walk away scot-free.  The people deserve their pound of his flesh.

They should especially not walk because strings are being pulled.

Tellez will walk in order to that the people who enabled him to betray the public trust, politicians like Marty Esquivel and public servants like Winston Brooks, can walk on their own guilty knowledge and personal corruption and incompetence.

Kent Walz and the Journal are part of the cover up.

Paula Maes, Winston Brooks
The NM Broadcasters Association Affiliates are bowing to the influence of their President and Chief Executive Officer Paula Maes;  APS heavy hitter at all times relevant herein.

How else do you explain the circumstances?

How else do you explain all of this happening in plain sight and nothing in "the news"?   Not even an investigation and report that my allegations are all bullshit.

Walz caught here by author.
If Kent Walz could publish a report that there is no standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, why would he not?

What is stopping him, and them, from telling us that the standards of conduct and competence that apply to school board members and senior administrators are high enough to protect the public interests?

What is stopping him and them from telling us that board members and senior administrators are honestly accountable to those standards?

Except that the standards are not high enough and
the accountability to them is virtually non-existent.

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