Thursday, April 17, 2014

Esquivel wants a reconsideration of the worst legal decision in 25 years

KRQE lawyer Marty Esquivel is a lot of things.  If asked, he will point out that he is expert in the First Amendment.

In especially, he is so expert in conducting public meetings and protecting the civil rights of participants that he is scheduled to teach a seminar on exactly that subject during NM FOG's upcoming confab.

It would be a huge blow to his ego if the worst legal decision in 25 years found him to be otherwise.  He would like very much to have that albatross removed from around his neck.

Esquivel's problem is that for all practical intents and purposes, he forfeited his right to ask the court for any favors by publicly insulting the court in the Journal; offering that in 25 years he hadn't seen a worse decision or one he "disagreed" with more.

A motion has been filed in federal court.  The motion to reconsider the preliminary injunction enjoining Marty Esquivel and the board from enforcing their unconstitutional ban on my free exercise of my "privilege" to attend school board meetings and public forums. 

The motion was filed by the law firm that represents taxpayers, the board and all of the individual defendants except Marty Esquivel.  Taxpayers and Marty Esquivel have their own entirely different law firm.

Regardless of who is named where, its clear that the person with the most to lose in this case is Marty Esquivel.

"The board" will get over losing a civil rights case in court; Esquivel won't.

Esquivel and his dream team defense enjoy an unlimited budget and no public oversight.  He is personally responsible for the wasting a half a million tax dollars in an effort to cover his own ass.

He and his defense enjoy as well, unlimited support from
KRQE, Kent Walz and the Journal, and the rest of the
"news outlets" here in River City.

Esquivel, by and through his lawyers "consents"
to the filing of a motion to reconsider
the worst legal decision in 25 years.

... the legal decision that found him to be exactly what he is.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

What a sore loser. He insults a federal judge because she exposed all of his legal incompetence, and his bruised ego simply cannot handle it. I can't wait for you to return proudly to the board meetings and for Marty and his golden boy to have to agonizingly endure your 180 rightfully deserved seconds. Every one of those 180 seconds will be a painful reminder to them that you have won and that they have lost. What a lopsided score: Ched 180, Team Marty 0.