Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is what passes for review and approval

The Audit Committee will meet Thursday night.  On the agenda, link, discussion of Ethical Advocate Statistics, link.

Ethical Advocate is APS' whistleblower program.  It is a sham, link.  It is fundamentally flawed in that complaints are adjudicated by people who have conflicts of interests - they are colleagues, sometimes subordinates, of the respondents in the complaints they are adjudicating.

At one point, the school board addressed the appearance of a conflict of interests, by offering their personal review and approval of every single whistleblower complaint.

Now, after rewriting school board policy,
they provide a discussion of the overall statistics instead.

Of what use is that, to any of the hundreds of whistleblowers who have been denied due process of their complaints against administrators and board members.

I attribute the change in policy to board members own lack of character and courage; either they are unwilling to see administrators held honestly accountable for their conduct and competence, or they are afraid to provide for it.

If there is another reason, I cannot imagine it, and
no one else has suggested it.

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Anonymous said...

Send a public records request using the inspection of public records act to superintendent Brooks and get the figures for the legal costs spent by APS to defend against your lawsuit. You can also ask for all costs for all lawsuits. And you can ask for all costs for the Board.