Wednesday, February 13, 2013

APS CNM election turn out 3.59%

That, according to County Clerk Roman Montoya.

Total Eligible Registered Voters  496,522
Turnout 17,823
Percentage 3.59% (emphasis added)
There is no reason to expect that to change.  About one in twenty voters cares enough about how their power and resources are being spent in the APS, to vote.  Is, was, always will be.

The proposed movement of school board, mill levy and bond issue elections November will raise the voting percentage but not the voter interest.  They will vote ignorant of the issues; their ignorance born of their apathy, and in the case of the APS, cover provided by the Journal and the rest of the establishment media. If the effort to bring transparent accountability to the leadership of the APS depends upon growing voter interest, the effort is doomed.

The answer is for the 4% who cared enough to vote, to empower themselves in some other way than at elections.

If only 4% of the 4% of voters who voted, showed up at a public forum to demand transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence for administrators and board members, School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel would have to write nearly 700 unlawful restraining orders to keep them all away from the podium during public forum at a school board meeting.

691 torches and pitchforks is far more than enough to start a revolution that ends with honest and transparent accountability in the administration of the peoples resources and power.

If only 4% , of 4%, of 4% of the people who voted, showed up,
there would still be 28 people.  But that point,
things get a little more iffy.

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