Thursday, February 14, 2013

Korte's boggle to end

Every year, the APS School Board approves an Open Meeting Act resolution.  The will pass another next month or the next.  It will state the district's intentions with respect to its compliance with the requirements of the NM Open Meetings Act.

For at least the last four years, they have passed resolutions requiring themselves to give interest holders only 24 hours notice with respect to their meeting agendas.  Twenty four hours is the minimum allowed under the law, and the most they routinely provide.

Public bodies with more than a minimum amount of  respect for the community members they serve, give them more than 24 hours notice.  48 hours is better, 72 better still, and "as built" with a minimum; about as good as it can get.

Two years ago, School Board Member and batterer Kathy Korte was asked to insist upon increasing the notice of APS board meetings to 72 hours.  She declined, insisting the only the legislature could increase the notice to 72 hours, link.

That was never the case.  If it were the case, it will be no longer. A bill, HB 21, passed  59-0 in the NM House yesterday approving legislation that would require agendas for public meetings be made available at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.

The next test is the Senate, and then the Governor.
Similar bills have failed before.

It is up the people who want 72 hours notice minimum,
to make their feelings known to legislators in time to do some good.

photo Mark Bralley

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