Sunday, February 03, 2013

Lack of accountability, the root of all evil

In the Journal, link, a 105 year old teacher accused of molesting students for five decades.  The most alarming aspect, and the reason the abuse went on for more than 50 years is;

The allegations came up time and again ...
... the misconduct was covered up.
The surest way to enable abuse is to cover it up

The surest way to put an end to all manner of misconduct is
to provide due process for allegations of misconduct.

Socrates argued that "power corrupts".  It does not.  Temptation corrupts; the opportunity to abuse power without consequence, corrupts.  Being above the law, corrupts.

End the opportunity to get away with misconduct, and you end misconduct; in monasteries, in schools, and in government.

Provide due process for allegations of misconduct,
provide meaningful consequences for misconduct, and
you will end misconduct.

The only thing standing in the way; politicians and public servants who want to be able to abuse power without consequence.  More importantly, without getting caught - hence their need to push back on transparent accountability in their public service.

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