Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maybe $800 a chair wasn't so bad after all.

Governor Susana Martinez just spent $260 apiece for some chairs and it caused a hullabaloo, link.  So, if APS really did spend $800 apiece for some chairs, a helluva hullabaloo seems in order.

Then comes this, link, a state legislator is looking for $200,000 to buy 70 chairs for her and her fellow legislators.  That works out to somewhere around $2,858. 14 apiece.

By comparison, APS' $800 chairs, link, don't seem so outrageous.

Remaining outrageous still; before the board member, mill levy and bond issue elections, APS Supt Winston Brooks promised to tell voters the truth about how much we really paid for those chairs,

and he never delivered.

photo Mark Bralley

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