Friday, February 08, 2013

APS "wins" prestigious award

APS Communications informs us, link, that the District has "won" a prestigious award by the Association of School Business Officials International. The award recognizes their "... skills in developing, analyzing, and presenting a school system budget."

APS Communications reports the "win" followed "a rigorous review based on stringent criteria". I could be wrong, but it looks like, link, all APS had to do to "win" the award was meet commonly agreed upon standards and pony up $1,150.  I will bow to controverting facts.

I mean, how rigorous can a $1,150 dollar audit be?

In exchange for our $1,150, APS got;

  • A handsome plaque and certificate
  • Comprehensive feedback about their budget from peers trained in up-to-date school entity budget techniques 
  • Letters of accomplishment sent to their superintendent and school board
  • Recognition of achievement in ASBO's professional magazine School Business Affairs and weekly online newsletter Accents Online, as well as in their state or provincial ASBO affiliate newsletter
  • Recognition through national and local media
  • Continuing education points for ASBO's Professional Registration Program
On the other hand, when real auditors took at look at APS Finance Department a few years back, they found;
  1. inadequate standards
  2. inadequate accountability, and
  3. inadequate record keeping
the trifecta of tempters for public corruption.  Likely, millions of dollars were being lost or stolen.

If asked, APS Supt Winston Brooks will say that he has made necessary changes, and if those same auditors (Meyners & Co), came back, they would find the situation in the Finance Department much improved.

He didn't ask them.  Instead, he commissioned an $1,150 review.

Couple with that, his steadfast failure to produce a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd, and his renege on his promise to "find out by noon" if we really paid $800 a piece for board member thrones, and you have to wonder what's really going on.

He promised, "I will find out by noon!"  If he did, he isn't saying.

photo Mark Bralley

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