Thursday, January 31, 2013

It looks like we really did pay $800 a piece for board member chairs after all.

At nearly the instant this photograph was taken, APS Winston Brooks was making a commitment to "find out by noon" yesterday, whether taxpayers ponied up $800 dollars a piece for the chairs that school board members sit in twice a month.

We have not heard back.

Two possibilities occur to me;
  1. He found the answer and doesn't want to share it with voters before the bond issue and mill levy elections, and
  2. He couldn't find the answer because the "inadequate standards, inadequate accountability and inadequate record keeping" found by Meyners' auditors a few years back, prevented the records from being created or saved.
Regardless, the establishment's media, the Journal, KRQE, KOAT, and KOB were there.

There were there and they haven't reported.

How is it not newsworthy, days before bond issue and mill levy elections, that tax dollars were spent extravagantly?

How is it not newsworthy that records are missing?

How is it not newsworthy the APS' CEO will not be candid, forthright and honest about his stewardship over the public trust and treasure, and then have the unmitigated gall to ask for $368M more?

photo Mark Bralley

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