Friday, October 12, 2012

Royale Dá/KOAT have not responded

The story is newsworthy, photojournalist Mark Bralley was mugged by a school board member.  But the story KOAT told, simply wasn't accurate.  They have been informed about their inaccuracies.

KOAT won't respond to my complaint that they have misrepresented the truth.

Why not?

Bralley reports the Dá's last question to him was,

Is there anything you would like to add ...?
 To which he replied,
"Yes, I am not happy with the way you've gone about this interview.
 Dá did not respond to his objection, nor did she pass it along to viewers .

Why not?

I assume it has to do with Mary Lynn Roper and that it is her fist that pounds the table last at KOAT.

I believe her personal association with APS School Board President and New Mexico Broadcasters Association President and CEO Paula Maes controls the truth that KOAT tells about the APS School Board and Superintendent.

Maes doesn't want the truth to get out, about an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS including criminal abuse of power.

Co-incidentally, neither does Roper. This story isn't the first to go to KOAT to die, link.

Kathy Korte attacked Bralley's camera.  She wasn't defending herself against anything except a photograph of her within her public service, refusing to respond to legitimate questions about the public interests and about her public service.

When Bralley posts in depth on his own blog, he will produce a photograph he took of Korte moving her cell phone to a hand already holding a large paper cup full? of hot? coffee? moments (long enough for a rational person to regain some self control - rethink a bad plan) before using the newly freed hand to shove Bralley's camera into his chest.

KOAT hasn't told the whole story.
The Journal hasn't told the whole story.
KRQE and KOB haven't told the whole story.

Update;  When I followed up, Dá indicated she never got my email.  I sent it again, she acknowledged she received it, and promised to forward it to the powers that be.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Will KOAT report that an APS employee has filed a PED complaint against Brooks who in a deposition has fully admitted making sexually harassing comments about her? He has also admitted that since he's been hired by APS he never took any sexual harassment training as required by the NM administrative code for educators. PED better do the right thing and consequence Brooks who is clearly protected by Maes and Esquivel. Ched, will you please look into this PED charge against Brooks?