Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is Korte really krazy, or just a really pathetic role model?

APS School Board Member Kathy Korte continues to raise issues over own mental health.

Were enough questions not raised by her unprovoked attack on photojournalist Mark Bralley during a community input meeting; more questions are now raised by the hours she spent obsessing on Bralley, culminating in her design of a halloween  costume she thinks might offend him.

In the press card she is holding, she describes Bralley as "white trash".

When School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel called a woman a "nutcase" in an email, it made the news. Korte, a media darling, will likely see her behavior ignored by her friends in the establishment's press.

On her facebook page, she claims only a handful of parents were in the room when she attacked Bralley for asking a few questions and attempting to take photographs of her; a public servant, within her public service, and in a public place.  Bralley reports 50-60 people in the room.

Korte is yet to produce a single witness to verify her claim that Bralley attacked her with his camera.

Small wonder Korte will not hold herself honestly accountable as a role model of the Pillars of Character Counts!; the standards of conduct she establishes and enforces upon students, but not on herself.  We would never allow a student call another "white trash" a genuinely offensive term, wikilink, why should we permit the senior-most role models for students, to behave so outrageously?

Is this really the example school board members should be setting for students, staff and the community?

photo Korte's Facebook


Anonymous said...

Is this for real? Is it something she put out there in social media? My God! White trash? Excuse me?

If this is for real I best be seeing it on the front page of the Journal tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

There was an anti bullying confrence in Alb recently it was reported by channel 13 where the following was reported:

"The group also stressed for educators to be good role models so students can see examples of respectful behavior."

Gee isn't that what you've been fighting for? What is so hard for them to understand?