Friday, October 05, 2012

Would-be shooters expelled

Two middle school students with apparently serious intentions to shoot up Tony Hillerman Middle School have been expelled.  Meaning; "they will not return to THMS this school year.

Meaning what? they'll be back at Tony Hillerman next year?
they'll be at some other APS school the rest of this year?

These are only questions until they are answered.

Why do we know so little about the terrorists, bullies, and run of the mill chronically disruptive students?  Why do we not know what happens to them, where they go, or why they're left where they are, to disrupt learning and pester other students and their teachers?

Why is there no PowerPoint presentation on student discipline?

We don't know the truth about student discipline in the APS,
for one of two reasons;
the people who are supposed to be telling us the truth;
the board,
the administration, and
the establishment's media,

  1. don't know the truth, or
  2. have decided to hide it.

Neither, of course, is acceptable.

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