Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vote early; end the phone calls and mailings

State Representative Sheryl Williams-Stapleton offers relief to voters besieged by election season phone calls and mailings; just vote early.  According to her own latest mailing to voters;

Wanna stop the political mail?
Wanna stop the political calls?
Vote early!  Vote for Sheryl!
And then figure out who might want to call you or send you a political mailing, call or write to them first, and tell them you already voted?  Yeah, that might work.

Williams-Stapleton at the dedication of her very own monument to me.

Williams-Stapleton would like credit for bringing millions of tax dollars to District 19.  A lot of them were spent on a building bearing her name - one of the many monuments to me that taxpayers buy for sitting legislators, link to increase the likelihood of their re-election in subsequent elections.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Makes no sense Sheryl.... at leasy U R consistent.

Anonymous said...

This lady is an embarrassment to the District and the state.

Anonymous said...

How about " Vote Early..... Vote Sheryl out ASAP!"

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the media's coverage of APS...
Yesterday the Journal reports that Brooks made a Pension deal with the board. The article states that Korte was for it, while Annalee Maestas voted against it.

Later in the evening, on KOAT, Annalee is quoted in favor of the deal.

Which is it? Why can we not get a straight story on local media about APS anymore? Is there no journalistic ethics practiced in this town anymore?

Anonymous said...

APS releases it's Bullying Numbers