Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Two weeks later, bullying forum "notes" still not posted.

The leadership of the APS is fond of wading in among the great unwashed, to "gather their input".  They are there instead, to improve APS' perception among interest holders.  They are there to schmooze.

They would have us never mind, the single most effective thing they could do to improve their public perception would be to improve their performance.

Rather than talk about their failure to (substantially) improve their performance; they go  out to "gather input".

Every time they gather input, they promise or imply, the input they gathered will be compiled and shared with stakeholders.  If you filed a Request for Public Records you might get to see some notes, but nobody else will.

They always promise to share with us, what they learned.
But they never do.  They can't, because they can't point to
a single thing they learned,
that they should not have already known.

Search their award winning websites for the forums on preventing bullying.  You will find information about the (upcoming) meetings which were held on Sept 18th and 20th, but you won't find any mention of what happened at them; that they were challenged to produce data on bullying in APS, or that they were challenged to talk about the viability of character education as one solution.

They're spending a million dollars a year in an effort spin the truth about their stewardship over control over our power and resources.

They would have us "support their potential"
before we examine their failures.

Journal Editor Charlie Moore abets,
KRQE, KOAT, and KOB abet.

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