Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Marketing APS, the how and the why.

Former talking head, Calendar Queen, Crisis Manager and now renowned "expert" on the "marketing" of public school systems, APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta is on her way to an annual gathering of the leaderships of the largest public school systems in the country, link.  The cost yet to be released.

Meeting in Indianapolis, the fall conference of the Council of the Great City Schools will feature a presentation by Armenta called; “How to Effectively Market Your Urban Public School District.”

Not mentioned, why one might need to.  With a virtual lock on nearly 90,000 students, why does APS need to market itself?
Why do we need to listen to one after another of the insipid "APS Support the Potential" ads on the radio?  The best marketing tool they could create, would be to simply start doing a better job educating this community's sons and daughters - but that a whole other story.

Standing beside Armenta, APS Supt Winston Brooks.  He will offer presentations of his own on; hiding evidence of felony criminal misconduct, and another on; using a private police force to limit the free exercise of citizen's right to petition their government.  They don't appear on the agenda of course, and will be held in dark corners.

APS COO Brad Winter will co-present “What the Key Performance Indicators can Do for Our Great City Schools” along with Board Member and Board Member David Peercy.

Off line, Winters presents; how to hide a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending on administrative and executive extravagance.

The coward David Peercy will be telling his group; how to keep an open and honest discussion of students standards of conduct and the duties and responsibility of their role models, from ever taking place.

Board member and batterer Kathy Korte will let every one know how to stretch their School House Dollar in Tough Economic Times,” Brooks and Winter will be standing beside her, the best the country has to offer in administrators and school board members, on the subject of stretching dollars.

The most ironic presentation title and presenter combination must be“Urban School Construction,” by Brad Winter.  Perhaps the presentation on how to hide spending will be in public after all.
Standing with Winter for that one; Chief Financial Officer Don Moya; seemingly a nice guy caught in the middle of scandals he had no part in creating.

Board members and the Brooks are scheduled to "facilitate" a number of the sessions, though they have no apparent skill set or facilitation training to bring to the assignment.

photos Mark Bralley

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