Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So, apparently I wasn't invited after all.

I received an email from Executive Director of Board of Education Services Brenda Yager.  The email was with regard to the community engagement meeting Monday evening, and carried a subject line reading;

"You Are Invited".
The body read;
Dear Mr. MacQuigg,
This is a forum that your group might be interested in participating as well.
As surprised as I was by it, I took it to be an invitation to attend.
It was not, as I found out when we, Mark Bralley and I, tried to enter. Bralley is a photojournalist; we cover APS together.

We were greeted by CSA Anthony Sanchez. Greeted is a fair description, he has never been anything but civil and very professional in all our interactions. He said he didn't think I was supposed to be allowed in, pursuant to School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel's "banning letter"; an utterly unlawful restraining order, link, written by Esquivel and signed off on by APS Police Chief Steve Tellez.

Sanchez went to find out if I had indeed, been personally invited to the meeting.  When he came back, he told us the order was that I would be arrested; denied my liberty by police action.

The order came from a school board member, though according to School Board Policy, school board members have no authority to actually give orders to any APS employee, even the superintendent.

Sanchez declined several requests for the identity of the board member who gave the order.

A few questions allowed us to determine that Kathy Korte was the only school board member in the building at the time.  Bralley went to interview her.

When he caught up to her in the front of the board room, he asked her if she had ordered the APS Police to eject me.  He asked her why.  He raised his camera to take her picture.  That's when she went berserk.
He was standing still, she came at him, and grabbed his camera.  She can't deny it, her palm print is on his camera lens.  She shouted "you're a stalker in disguise."

Assault and battery are criminal acts.

There were witnesses; an IT guy, who deliberately shielded his identity badge when Bralley tried to identify him, and an, as yet unidentified, woman.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that at the time, there was security camera, or other APS camera recording.  I would be surprised that any recording still exists.

This though, a specific request was made to preserve all public records of the events involving either of us.

Not that there's much to preserve, as usual.  The lapel camera worn by the sergeant during our interaction, appeared to be not turned on.

The unlawful banning letter, revoked my "privilege to attend meetings of the Board of Education".  Someone, has changed the order to; not in City Center if there is a board member in the building.  I would like to know who.

The banning letter is being enforced by a publicly funded private police force.  They report directly to, and only to APS Supt Winston Brooks and the School Board.  They take their orders from Brooks and individual school board members.

I asked to speak to the senior-most APS Police Force officer on site.  I ended up waiting to speak to the senior most officer on duty in the district.  That was more than fine with us, though we had to wait awhile for him to drive over from the west side.

Upon his arrival, Bralley explained to Sergeant P V Brady, the circumstances leading up to Korte's assault and battery.  He also objected to being removed form the meeting though there had been no investigation of Korte's complaint, whatever it was.  He pointed to the lack of any evidence that he had done anything wrong, much less illegal, much less justifying police interference on Korte's behalf.

Sgt PV Brady and Officer Martin Cordova, nice guys, "just following orders".
Brady said, they take orders from school board members.

Brady said over and over;
We follow board members orders.
In complete disregard for School Board Policy and the law.

The APS Police Force leadership has an interest in keeping me from asking questions during public forums.  One of the questions I like to ask is, how is it that the APS Police are the only agency of law enforcement that investigated felony criminal misconduct by senior APS administrators in the APS Police Force, and how is it that the evidence has never been turned over to the DA for prosecution?

Establishment media was there.  I guess they didn't notice.
Not that it would have made any difference in their coverage
if they had.

photos Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...


The topic of the Albuquerque Public Schools public forum was community engagement.If this is how they treat the community, we're in for it now. I know the board has no respect for teachers, now the general public as well?

Way past time to storm the castle, peasants, and take back your schools!

Would love to know how they engaged the community after their little show!