Monday, November 07, 2011

Williams Stapleton's APS side

Rep Sheryl Williams Stapleton works in APS' ivory towers. You can find her office in Research, Deployment and Accountability.

She makes $68,862.14 a year (+ considerable as yet undisclosed benefits) to be the Coordinator of Occupational Education. If you go looking for her or "occupational education" on APS' award winning website you will find how little there actually is.

If there is a most abject failure to point to in the APS, it is their failure to provide for the needs of non-college bound students, link. Where was Williams Stapleton when Supt Winston Brooks decided to give APS' non-college bound, NCLB test poor performers, short shrift? I don't remember her getting on TV and demanding respect and adequate funding for a huge number of disproportionately minority students who are leaving school essentially unemployable.

Are those students' interests better served by having an "administrative coordinator" of their educational disaster, or by hiring two teachers who could give them an immediately useful skill set, and reasonable hope that they can become happy and productive members of their communities.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Winston and Stapleton in it together.
He gives her a bland, non-descript position that pays fairly well (and she gets to not go to work and get paid) and she represents his (APS') interests in the legislator.
I have no proof of this, but this is how NM always works.