Thursday, November 03, 2011

unmoderated chat

Steve Terrel posts an interesting tidbit, link.

Presidential hopeful Governor Gary Johnson will sit for an "unmoderated chat" with interest holders. He will respond to

"... any question a participant wishes to ask — no topic is off limits.”
To put my words in his mouth; he is willing to respond to any legitimate question about the public interests and about his public service, candidly, forthrightly and honestly, or suffer the consequences.

Ironically, when I did my first staff training as an APS Character Counts! trainer, Governor Gary Johnson was in the audience.

It's hard to not go with the guy who's trying to get every issue on the table for open and honest discussion. Any candidate who is not manifestly willing to sit for an unmoderated chat, should forfeit any further consideration for that reason alone.

A half truth is a whole lie. unk

If you tell the truth half the time, you're still a whole liar. unk derived

A candidate who cannot be trusted all of the time;
cannot be trusted any of the time.

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