Monday, November 28, 2011

APS success story

For the second time in three years and for the fifth time in a decade or so, APS' Nursing Program, link, at the Career Enrichment Center, link, has seen 100% of a graduating class pass their national licensing exam on the first try, link.

They can be rightfully proud of completing a "rigorous" two year training, and especially proud of their graduating class, all of whom passed a test hard enough to fail more than one in seven nationally.

They have three to four times as many applicants for the program every year, as they have openings.

I have never understood why we can't offer the same kind of opportunity to all of the non-college students. Why are we still denying all those students real "vocational" training, and expecting them instead, to devote their energy to preparing for NCLB tests instead of preparing for life?

That, or drop out entirely.

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