Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Brooks gets an A+ for transparency

It was given to him by Journal Editor Kent Walz and his fellow editors, link.

I am reminded of a movie scene. The bad guy is in "jail", a pit in the ground covered by bars. He is waiting to be hung. A man walks up and announces it's lunch time, and he has some good news and some bad news. He tosses a shovelful of horse manure through the bars and says; the bad news is you're having horse shit. The good news, is there's plenty of it.

APS Supt Winston Brooks and Walz, would like people to get the impression that Brooks is transparent based upon the size of the pile of already available public records, he has had published.

The proof that he is not transparent at all, is manifest in his relentless refusal to answer legitimate questions whose answers might make him look bad.

  1. How much did we pay for the board room? Are Board Members really sitting in chairs that cost $800 apiece?
  2. Why won't you release an ethically redacted Caswell Report?
  3. Why aren't you honestly accountable as a role model?
  4. Why are hundreds of whistle blower complaints being denied due process?
... just for starters.

The Journal is in a jam. How can they report credibly on the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, without first reporting credibly on their failure to report credibly on the scandal heretofore?

The editors have known about public corruption and incompetence in the leadership for a long, long time - long enough for statutes of limitation to expire on felony criminal misconduct by APS senior administrators, link.

And they have done nothing to expose it. It has been by their deliberate decision, that the truth has been kept from interest holders for five years.

How can they tell the truth now, without someone at least wondering why they haven't been investigating and reporting upon the scandal all along?

How can Kent Walz report on Brooks' cover up of an ethics and accountability scandal, without someone pointing to the fact that he (and Marty Esquivel) just gave Brooks a NM FOG Dixon Award for being a "hero of transparency".

Their only hope is that this will all blow away before there is widespread public knowledge of their cover up.

It's good ol' boy thinking; any day you don't lose, you win;
even if ultimately, you can never win.

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