Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another school board running amok.

The Rio Grande Sun comes with a piece, link, on more public school leadership running amok.

In a nutshell, APS Supt Winston Brooks' counterpart in the Española Public Schools, link, just like Winston Brooks, wants to control the spin on the truth about the public interests in the public schools. She, like he, thinks it is up to her to decide which truths will and will not be shared with the people who own them.

Española Public Schools Supt Evelyn Maruska would like control access by requiring Sun reporters to submit their questions in advance, for her to "approve or disapprove".

Sun News Editor Lou Mattei pointed out that if the Supt is allowed to approve or disapprove questions,

"... no one would know some students in the District were still without textbooks, that the District had not been reimbursed for over $300,000 in improper federal Title III expenses, or that a BB gun was brought onto an elementary school campus."
It begs a question; from where exactly, does the superintendent of the Española Public Schools, get the authority to approve or disapprove questions about the public interests or about her public service?

The only answer I can think of is; she gets it from the same place Winston Brooks gets the authority to hide from public knowledge and criminal prosecution, evidence of felony criminal misconduct by APS senior administrators; with his de facto "disapproval" of questions about the Caswell Report.

She gets it from the same place School Board Member Marty Esquivel gets the authority to create a "banning letter" against dissidence and deploy APS' publicly funded private police force to enforce it.

They usurp it.

The usurpation will not go unnoticed in Española because they have a Managing Editor Robert B Trapp, who is manifestly ready, willing and able to investigate and report upon the spending of public power and resources in the public schools and the executive and administrative abuse of privilege and power.

Citizens in Albuquerque, unfortunately, do not.

Instead of investigating and reporting on the cover up of corruption the Journal first exposed, link, our managing editor Kent Walz gives out hero of transparency awards instead, for covering it up, link.

photos, Walz and Trapp frame-grabs Mark Bralley

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