Saturday, November 05, 2011

APS leadership team makes nearly 2 million a year

From APS' data dump, link, the leadership team, link, pulls down nearly two million dollars a year in salary, not including perks and benefits. The team; alpha by last name

Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta $106,755.55
Superintendent Winston Brooks $256,000.16
APS Foundation Director Phill Casaus $88,123.35

Chief of Staff Joseph Escobedo $89,000.08
Asst Supt School and Community Support Diego Gallegos $117,300.14
Assoc Supt Elem Schools Diane Kerschen $117,300.08
Exec Dir of Instr and Acct Roseann McKernan $106,775.55
Chief Financial Officer Don Moya $165,000.16
Assoc Supt Elem Schools Raquel Reedy $117,300.14
Chief Information Officer Tom Ryan $106,775.55
Asst Supt Human Resources Andrea Trybus $117,300.14
Chief Academic Officer Linda Sink $136,680.12
Assoc Supt Elem Schools Eddie Soto $117,300.14
Chief of APS Police Steve Tellez $89,040.14
Chief Operating Officer Brad Winter $136,680.12
Executive Director of Board Services Brenda Yager $104,300.14

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