Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Charters called out

APS Supt Winston Brooks, no fan of charter schools or the threat they pose to his existence, would like to cast them in a negative light.

The Journal editors decided to help him out, link.

Together, they would like to create the perception that Charter Schools are dragging their feet in publishing their employees' names and salaries.

APS was "first" with a disingenuous data dump, and now they and the Journal want to jump on Charters for not beating them to the punch.

I fully expect the Charters will publish their public records. Either that, or they will drag their feet. Either way, that would be the time for the editors to pile on with Brooks, not before they've even had a chance to respond.

Neither the Journal nor APS, by the way, has or will, publish the details of their financial arrangements. Just how many "education" tax dollars flow through the leadership of the APS to the Journal?

Perhaps they could publish that, and then jump on the Charters for their alleged lack of transparency.

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