Monday, April 18, 2011

Why is Brooks hiding APS audits?

The NM Public Education Secretary is going to "audit" the APS.

APS Supt Winston Brooks says bring it on. Brooks would have us believe that his administration can stand honest auditing. He would have us believe the findings have all been good.

Why then, is he hiding those findings? Why isn't he showing them off?

You can see the findings if you want. But you have to go to Rigo Chavez' office to do it. Then you will have to pay for copies; 50 cents a page though the law allows only actual costs of copying. Is APS really paying 50 cents a page to make their copies? You will have to sue them to see the really damning ones like the Caswell Report, link.

Why is Brooks hiding an ethically redacted Caswell Report?

It is a matter of keystrokes to put APS' audit findings on line.
So why won't Winston Brooks put them up in a searchable archive?

Except that, he cannot summon
the character and the courage
to hold himself honestly accountable
to the truth.

photo Mark Bralley

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