Sunday, April 17, 2011

PED audit of the APS justified

NM Public Education Department Secretary Hanna Skandera intends to audit some NM school districts. She is concerned that some districts may be using numbers for special education and training and experience that are inaccurate.

APS Supt Winston Brooks was miffed that anyone would suggest that APS was gaming the system with bogus numbers. His reaction was more than a little disingenuous. It was only three years ago that the NM PED found that the APS had been doing just that, for years. APS had to return $20M. link.

At the time, the "... state Inspector General's Office, ... had told APS about reporting problems behind the revenue loss as far back as 1991."

"... according to a 2007 audit report, a 1990 state investigation found APS calculating credit hours for teachers in violation of state rules."

"APS had been overstating both, which led to the (unearned) funding."

The leadership of the APS held their computer responsible for the problem.

Any independent review and analysis of APS audits, would reveal ongoing administrative shortcomings and no attention paid to remedying them. Their record is one ignoring audit findings and covering up the findings. There are not audit findings from even a single APS audit posted on their website; not one.

It is not power that corrupts, it is the opportunity to abuse
power without consequence, that corrupts absolutely.

Thank the establishment press for enabling them to escape
the consequences of their corruption and incompetence.

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