Saturday, April 23, 2011

APS snow day a big flop

Students in the APS are expected to attend school for a given number of days. If school does not meet (district wide), the day must be made up. Normally, the "snow days" that are built into the calendar suffice. This year, there weren't enough snow days left in the calendar to meet the need.

APS decided to tack the extra days onto the end of the school year. A bunch of people complained that plan would ruin their summer vacation, so APS backed down and gnawed away at days within the calendar. One such was the "Vernal Holiday"; Good Friday to those less in need of political correctness.

Well surprise, surprise; a whole bunch of students didn't show up. Teachers with half full classes trod water Friday. Monday, they will do Friday again. The students who stayed home will get their missed classwork, and the kids who showed up Friday, will get to do it all over again Monday.

The leadership of the APS did tack on one day; the day after Memorial Day. Though attendance will be even lower (how about nobody is going to show up), it will still count as a "school day".

And they call this leadership?

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Anonymous said...

I have said for a very long time APS is incapable of defining "leadership." People who are NOT leaders are perpetually selected for leadership positions. And being placed in a leadership position does not somehow magically make them leaders. But then after almost four decades of military service - what do I know?