Thursday, April 28, 2011

Board silence non-feasance?

The leadership of the APS doesn't take questions.

By their deliberate choice, they sit in no public forum where stakeholders can ask them direct questions about the public interests and about their public service, and expect a response; an honest dialogue. The leadership of the APS will show up in no place where follow up questions are allowed.

Politicians and public servants, if they are accountable to the people, are compelled to answer the people's questions about the spending of power and resources that belong fundamentally to the people.

Non-feasance is "the failure to do something that should be done, especially something that one is under a duty or obligation to do."

If politicians and public servants fail to "communicate" with the people, they have failed to do something they have an obligation to do. They are guilty of non-feasance.

If the leadership of the APS is refusing to "communicate" in an effort to continue to cover up the ethics and accountability scandal in their leadership, then they are guilty of malfeasance as well.

They would have betrayed the public trust; deliberately and
with malice and forethought.

Their non and malfeasance are violations of the law.

If only that made any difference.

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