Thursday, April 14, 2011

Huffman-Ramirez; what a maroon!

The story is on KOB TV's website, link.

I don't know anything beyond what was in the report by KOB.

It looks as though some police officers might have gotten a
little carried away during an investigation of a reported murder.
They managed to scare the crap out of some citizens and the
citizens think it was unwarranted. It will get straightened
out in court, I expect.

The Mayor's PIO decided to put in his two cents worth.

The PIO, Chris Huffman-Ramirez, is the same self involved
autocrat who imagines he has the authority to decide that
bloggers are not entitled to the same First Amendment
protection as the members of the press "who own printing
presses and broadcast licenses."

On the community's coming upset over the prospect of having
police come into your house at 4:30 in the morning, scare the
crap out of you, handcuff you, trash your house, and then just
leave, Huffman-Ramirez had this to offer;

"We have to understand that our police officers are put in dangerous situations every single day. And as a community, it is difficult for us to second guess their decisions."
That we have brave men and women who are willing to put themselves in dangerous situations every single day, is something we should be most grateful for. I thank them for their service.

That said, that they are put in dangerous situations everyday
does not justify "overreaction". And it is absolutely up to the
community to decide what overreaction is, what abuse of our
power is. The terms of public service are the prerogative of
the people and not of their servants. The police don't get to
decide what overreaction is, the people do; it is our power they
are wielding.

It is absolutely within the purview of the community to second guess any decision made by any public servant. The decision they are making is how to spend our power, and damn right we can second guess their (ab)use of our power.

Mayor Richard Berry has apparently given PIO Chris Huffman-Ramirez a free hand to say or do anything he wants, and he doesn't think the community should second guess his decision making.

I think, he should think again.

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