Saturday, April 09, 2011

APS misses own deadline

I filed a complaint against the leadership of the APS through
a third party vendor called Ethical Advocate, link.

I alleged that one or both of two members of APS' Internal Audit Department who met with an investigator from the Office of the State Auditor, misled him regarding the Audit Committee's "review and approval" of hundreds of whistleblower complaints.

The investigator was led to believe that whistleblower complaints had received review and approval by the APS School Board's Audit Committee when, in truth, not one single complaint has seen the individual review and approval promised in school board policy.

APS' response to Ethical Advocate regarding the complaint was to promise to respond to the complaint.

Submitted By: Admin
Submitted On: 3/23/2011 11:00:33 AM
Comment: Thank you for using Ethical Advocate. Pleae allow 2 weeks (Apirl 6, 2011) for a response.

That promise came due last Wednesday, and their response is not yet posted.

There a remote possibility that Ethical Advocate has dropped the ball.

It is far more likely that the leadership of the APS decided to "not respond" to an allegation that two members of the leadership of the APS misled the State Auditor.

Which begs a question; why not?

Why not respond to a credible allegation of public corruption and/or incompetence?

Why are they misleading an investigator in the first place?

If they can prove they are really giving whistleblower complaints their due process, why not just show him the proof; agendas, meeting minutes, recordings, ...?

If they are not giving whistleblower complaints due process,
why does the investigator believe that they are?

Why doesn't anyone in the leadership of the APS have to answer questions?

Why don't school board members or administrators have deliver a good faith response to any legitimate question about the public interests or about their public service?

Aren't these questions the establishment media should be asking?

Which begs a question; why not? Why won't the establishment media; the Journal, KRQE, KOAT, and KOB, investigate and report upon a scandal involving the denial of due process to more than 300 whistleblower complaints filed against the leadership of the APS?

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