Thursday, April 21, 2011

Korte didn't put up much of a fight

Despite the fact that open meeting minutes (rough drafts) are supposed to be published within ten days, and despite the fact that they're are supposed to be published before they are approved at the next meeting, the minutes for the March 25 meeting have just recently been posted, link.

It was during this meeting that the board adopted it's Open Meetings Rules. The NM Open Meetings Act provides a framework of rules for open meetings. Local governmental agencies can write their own rules but the rules have to comply with the state law. For example, the law requires an agenda to be posted for 24 hours, but any local agency can write their own rule requiring 48 hour notice, 72 hours, or whatever they want; just not less than 24.

I asked School Board Member Kathy Korte to step up and suggest extending the notice from 24 to 72 hours. She did not. In an exchange of emails after the incident, she indicated that she had been led to believe that state law would have to be changed before the school board could give more than 24 hours notice. That belief is ridiculous on its face; yet Korte clings to it still.

The minutes indicate she never even brought the subject up at the meeting.

The minutes, by APS' deliberate choice, are anecdotal not recorded. It is possible that whomever writes the anecdotal account simply left out the part where Korte stood up for the rights of interest holders, but I doubt it.

Far more likely, the PTA mom doesn't have the eggs to stand up to board members like Marty Esquivel, and decided to go along to get along.

To hell with anyone who wants more notice on agendas.

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