Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wheels coming off Winter's run for city council.

Blogger Monahan reports that interim APS Supt. Brad Winter announced his intention to run for re-election to the city council.

Winter is bowlegged under his baggage;

  • Winter is and was in charge of the APS Police force at all times relevant.
  • The APS Police force was and is, a publicly funded private police force.  It is accountable directly to, and only to, APS board members, Winter and senior administrators.
  • In, 2007, the Journal reported state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators and the leadership of their police force, link.
  • The felonies were never investigated by any agency of law enforcement.  APS Police conducted a self-investigation; the results of which have been conveniently lost.
  • There was another investigation done by a private eye.  His findings name the names of APS administrators who were complicit in felony criminal misconduct.
  • The findings are being kept secret from public knowledge by means of litigation.  By "litigation" I mean unlimited budgets for spending without oversight for litigation and legal weaselry against the public interests.  Enormous amounts of money have and are being spent to pay lawyers to obstruct their production of public records enjoying no ethical exception to the NM Inspection of Public Records Act.
    Tellez reported to Winter directly.
    • The Deputy Chief at the time was Steve Tellez.  Tellez knew or should have known about the sea of corruption and incompetence in which he bobbed.

      Nevertheless, he was promoted to Chief.  Tellez had one of his sergeants investigate the felony criminal misconduct in which the former Chief Gil Lovato was involved, and of which his current Chief Steve Tellez, remained knowingly ignorant at best.
      Lovato knew where all the bodies were
      buried; he buried a bunch personally.
    • Lovato boasted through his attorney Sam Bregman, if he ever got to court over his firing, there wouldn't be a single senior APS administrator left standing.
      • The sergeant, Steve Gallegos, was promoted to Deputy Chief about the time he placed the only copies he ever made of the findings of his investigation into APS and Steve Tellez' hands. Gallegos claims that's the last he saw his report.
      • photo by macquigg
        If the report was candid, forthright and honest, it found Tellez negligently allowed or knowingly permitted felony public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of APS' police force.
      • Tellez was fired a few years later after he helped himself to a bunch of ammo that wasn't his.
      • Gallegos, still unable to find any copies of his report, was promoted to Chief and serves there still.  He will until a copy of his report finally shows up.
      • No agency of law enforcement ever investigated state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators, and

      • No evidence was ever turned over to the DA.
      The leadership of the APS and their lawyers decided that no one should be prosecuted and, that they could get away with not reporting felonies.  It was and is the DA's decision, not theirs, whether criminal charges should be filed. 

      Winter and the leadership of the APS have been fortunate through these many years and through innumerable APS school board, mill levy and bond issue elections, in that the local press media were willing to help them cover up the cover up.

      It is difficult to believe that Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz can continue the cover up for very much longer; in particular if Winter has a worthy opponent in the city council race.

      How does Walz now report credibly on the cover up after so many years of being part of it?

      Hell, he and Marty Esquivel even managed to bamboozled the NM FOG into giving former APS Supt. Winston Brooks a hero of transparency award all while the bunch of them were hiding public records that implicated APS administrators in a number of felonies.

      The wheels are coming off Winter's train and Kent Walz is still aboard.

      photos Mark Bralley

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