Sunday, May 10, 2015

To what standards exactly, and how?

In my previous, I posed a question.  The question is for politicians and public servants, and anyone else whom the people are supposed to "trust" with control over enormous public resources and power; power and resources that belong fundamentally, to the people.

Within your public service, those hours which you wield the people's power and spend their resources;

To what standards of conduct and competence are you willing to be held actually and honestly accountable?

How?  By what process will you ensure due process of complaints filed against you?
Protesting the removal of the public
forum from their public meetings
circa 2007, link.
This isn't the first time I've asked the question.
I was reminded in 2013, link; I asked the question in my very first post, link, in August 2006.

At the time, I was complaining about the fact that the newspapers wouldn't investigate and report on the ethics, standards and accountability scandal* in the leadership.  
*It is a "scandal" and not a "crisis" because 
they're spending operational dollars to cover it up.
... and because the newspaper is part of the cover up of the "crisis".

photo Mark Bralley

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