Friday, May 08, 2015

Kindergarteners toss softballs to Valentino

OK, I get it.  APS Supt Valentino's first days in town shouldn't be characterized by hardball questions on serious issues. So does the leadership of the APS.

They invited only kindergarteners and their best friends in the press media, to ask the first series of questions.  APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta still denies her "credentials" to members of the press who might ask inconvenient questions at their staged "press" conferences/public relations events.

So when is the appropriate time to ask Luis Valentino;

  • What do you think about APS' student standards of conduct?  And more importantly,
  • What do you consider to be the obligations and responsibilities of their adult role models; in particular their senior-most executive and administrative role models?
If those represent legitimate questions, they deserve a good faith response some where, some time.

APS rules will not allow their new superintendent, or any one of them for that matter, to be asked questions point blank, period.  There are only two physical opportunities to ask questions of the senior leadership of the APS;
  1. Questions can of course, be asked during the public forum at school board meetings, except the board is still pretending that they are "not allowed" to answer questions during public forum and will not, 
  2. or
  3. you can ask your questions after springing out of a bush somewhere.
Frankly, I'm getting too old for springing out of bushes so the only thing I can do is ask the questions at public forum and the only thing they will do is pretend the law won't let Valentino or the board respond.

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