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Peercy still afraid

However much importance is assigned to the issue (clearly I feel more strongly about it than most), the naked hypocrisy of school board members and senior administrators, barely accountable to the law* expecting students to hold themselves honestly accountable to a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct, link, is unbearable.

*APS board members, superintendents and senior administrators are not actually, honestly accountable to the law.  Millions of dollars flow yearly into the coffers of APS "family" law firms who then spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of those dollars, dollars that would, could and should be spent in classrooms instead, litigating exceptions to the law for school board members, superintendents and senior administrators who have broken those laws.  And in large and secret settlements to keep people quiet.
Nearly three quarters of a million operational dollars have been spent for example, on a non-viable defense of violations of my civil rights and, former school board member Marty Esquivel's ego.  The spending took place without oversight, link, and without limits.
I could go on and on and on, but that's Kent Walz' Journal's job.

The point is, there is not a single APS school board member or senior administrator who is willing to stand up as a role model* of accountability to APS student standards of conduct.  Hypocrites are openly laying claim to high standards and accountability while relentlessly refusing to talk about either.
*There is no such thing as an inconspicuous role model; the concept is oxymoronic.  They can't claim to be actually and honestly accountable if they can't point to their actual, honest accountability.  Accountability is not an intention; it is a tangible.
There isn't a single board member or senior administrator willing to be held actually and honestly accountable as a role model.  What more proof could one need, than to point out that there isn't a single board member or senior administrator who is willing to even to talk about ethics, standards and accountability.

Seriously, if school board members and senior administrators are actually, honestly accountable to meaningful standards of conduct and competence, why is there no evidence of either those standards or that accountability; how can there not be a record of either?

Policy and Instruction Committee Chair David Peercy does not look up during public forum when the subject is APS' role modeling clause.  In fairness, in rarely looks up when I am the speaker.

Peercy is the APS school board member most responsible for the lack of a principled resolution to the problem of double standards of conduct in the APS.

We don't need no stinkin' Role
Modeling clause, or any public
input on the issue.
Though it has been on his committee's agenda for years and years, Peercy will not permit open and honest public discussion of ethics, standards and accountability in the APS.

More specifically, he will not allow a discussion of student standards of conduct and the responsibilities of school board members, superintendents and senior administrators as role models of accountability to those same standards.  He opposes restoring the role modeling clause to his own standards of conduct.  Until it was removed almost a decade ago by unanimous vote of the board it read;
In no case shall the standards of conduct for an adult
be lower than the standards of conduct for students.
Peercy's inability to look up when I talk about his obligations as one of the district's senior most role models is a metaphor for the entire leadership of the APS; not one of them will talk about ethics, standards, or, and most specifically, their actual, honest accountability, even to the law.  There is not one conspicuous role model of student standards among them.

It takes character and courage to talk about character and courage and accountability.

If there are any other reasons to not end double standards in APS, other than;
  1. a lack of character and or
  2. a lack of courage, 
one would be doing David Peercy and the "leadership" of the APS a huge favor by pointing out on their behalf, as many as one of them here;

1. ___________________________________________ 

2. ___________________________________________

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