Thursday, May 07, 2015

"The city should apply a whole lot of sunshine to this cleanup project" say Journal editors.

Or, Should CABQ CAO Rob Perry be fired?

With regard to the relationship between then APD Chief Ray Schultz and Taser Int'l Inc, the Journal editors wrote, link ;

"The aromas of an appearance of a conflict of interest at the least or potential criminal violations at the worst are stinking up the kitchen."
How clever!  "Stinking up the kitchen."

The city has a procurement code that fails to keep the city's chief administrative officer's good buddy from cutting a millions of dollars deal in his own interests, and the editors liken it to a stinky kitchen?!

The head chef, Rob Perry knew
or should have known; hell; should
know now about any weaknesses in the procurement code.

How many other weaknesses are there yet to be exploited?

Isn't this the expertise we were supposedly paying for when Mayor Richard Berry decided to give Perry a $33K a year raise?

Why wasn't Perry studying the code instead of harassing citizens and reporters who attend too closely to the shenanigans in City Hall, link.
"There is much to plug your nose about ..." 
the editors wrote when describing "... former Albuquerque Police Department Chief Ray Schultz’s relationship with Taser International Inc."

Is plugging our collective nose really the answer when
the problem is a the lack of transparency in city government?

I would prefer if the Journal just started holding Perry's toes to the fire.

I would prefer it as well, if taste and calories correlated inversely, but then;
You can't always get what you want.
Mick Jagger and, 
everyone's mother

photo Mark Bralley

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