Friday, May 15, 2015

The worst is true; about APS and about Kent Walz and the Journal

"To fear to face an issue is to believe the worst is true."

Ayn Rand
There is an issue that is not being faced;
student discipline in APS classrooms.
There is some debate about the breadth and depth of the issue and the problems it creates, but reasonable people agree there is "an issue".  In particular, there is an issue with chronically disruptive students interfering with the education of other students.

I maintain that the leadership of the APS is too afraid and or too corrupt to face the issue of student standards of conduct and the board and administrations largely fectless  enforcement of those standards. 
There is no evidence to the contrary.

There are at least two reasons the school board and senior administrators are afraid to talk about student discipline and chronically disruptive students;
  1. it is they who establish the standards of conduct for students, and
  2. it is they are responsible for their enforcement.  Enforcing discipline policies is an administrative responsibility. The failure is their failure.

Why else than the worst imaginable? is there no record at all of student discipline in the APS to examine and review; no historical record, no contemporary record, and no intention to create any records henceforward, of student discipline problems or their effect on learning.

Never forget that it was Walz
who joined Marty Esquivel in
bamboozling the NM FOG
into giving Winston Brooks 
a Dixon Award while the
three of them together were up
to their eyeballs in a cover up
of a cover up of felony 
criminal misconduct in APS.
Why else, other than Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz' own complacency or complicity, in APS' cover up, does the Journal have no record of investigating and reporting upon student discipline in the APS?

If you "Google" "newspaper articles on student discipline" you get 127K hits.  If you search the Journal's website for "student discipline APS" you get zero hits.  I rest my case.

In the absence of their willingness to face the issue with candor, forthrightness and honesty, it is fair and prudent to believe that the worst is true;
  • there are student discipline problems and chronically disruptive students in the APS; the scope of which has been deliberately minimized and or covered up.
  • we cannot expect the Journal to report on real problems in the APS, if in that reporting, school board member and senior administrative incompetence or corruption will exposed.

photo Mark Bralley

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