Friday, May 15, 2015

Eighth graders run amok; field trip cancelled.

Enough eighth graders at APS Tony Hillerman Middle School behaved so badly all year that a scheduled field trip to Cliff's Amusement Park was cancelled for the whole class.  KRQE, as far as I can tell, provided exclusive coverage, link. APS' award winning website offers no coverage at all, of problems at THMS.

Noteworthy, the backside comments number more than fifty. That is unusual and speaks to strong feelings on the issue.  A lot of commenters have problems with the "blanket punishment" TH laid on the entire eighth grade.  It's based on the logic, that if the rest of the class really wanted to go to Cliff's they would have done something about the chronically disruptive students at their school.

If powerful adults cannot control the chronically disruptive students at THMS, how can they expect powerless children to control them?

The report offers some incontrovertible proof that
a significant number of APS students* are out of control.

*If you think this is just Tony Hillerman's problem, you are mistaken; badly mistaken.

If you think adults who make the rules are "in charge"; look up "in charge" - it means in control.  Who is in control, the adult who makes the rule, or the student who chooses to ignore it?

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