Monday, February 07, 2011

Esquivel disappears

School Board President Marty Esquivel and APS Police Chief Steve Tellez wrote an illegal restraining order that "revoked my privilege to attend board meetings".

The order denies me free exercise of several of my constitutionally protected human rights.

I complained about the order during the election. Though the Journal ignored the complaints in their election coverage, I did notice that Esquivel's name had disappeared from prominence in the paperwork passing back and forth between lawyers. Apparently he didn't want to have to defend his conduct and competence during the election, and Kent Walz went along with him.

Perhaps that is why Esquivel lied to Johnny Mango' link, telling him he hadn't written an illegal restraining order banning me from board meetings.

He has managed to vanish himself from the paper trail;
he is invisible and therefore no longer accountable.

Paula Maes, who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell
of being re-elected in two years anyway,
has put her name on Esquivel's sin.

It's interesting how language just disappears if it conflicts
with their practice.

Esquivel et al, have been denying due process to whistleblower complaints. To absolve themselves of their sin, they simply struck the language from board policy that required due process.

Esquivel et al, have no intention of ever holding themselves honestly accountable as role models of the student standards of conduct, so they, before Esquivel got there, struck the language that required them to step up as role models;

In no case shall the standards of conduct for an adult
be lower than the standards of conduct for students.
And suddenly, no one can be held accountable for
their wanton violations of their former standards of conduct.

If you can just erase a rule,
it's like your never broke it.

Yeah, that's it.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows how to manipulate and cheat the's a lawyer.
Esquivel is slimy... but he has his fan base.
the people that support him thoink that because he is a professional (lawyer) that is educated and makes good money = good person to have in leadership. Any sane, normal person should now know that to not be true, especially in America.
Grass roots movements are on the right track, but they are not perfect solutions either... othing is, except examining the candidates for yourself and seeking your own advice instead of popularity, tradition, or mob-mentality.
It's sad he won the election.. even sadder for the fools who believe strongly in him.

Debbie Swenerton said...

Ched McQuigg I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU! As a volutary retiree from APS two years ago and one of many casualties of APS and their 'La Cosa Notra' way of dealing with employees who 'Try to do the right thing'I applaud you for never throwing in the towel in you fight for justice. You remind me of David fighting Goliath because Goliath is slowly losing steam and the public is now able to take part by watching the countless news reports this year covering corruption, theft, sexual mis-conduct the list goes on. Ruby Ethridge on of my many nemesis at APS is now paying for 'Sleeping with the Devil' I will support you anytime with emails between me and district principals, union presidents,teachers and employees counselors who two years ago asked me if I needed the names of lawyers that they used to remove an abusive manager.
Keep up the good fight!