Friday, February 11, 2011

When should we pass a webcasting bill, before they start deciding, or after they have decided?

Heath Haussamen asked a few days ago, link, if it isn't time to revisit the limits on the webcasting of deliberative meetings in the Roundhouse.

Since, an awkward silence.

I would suggest that the silence is not the result of fiscal incapacity, nor of technological incapacity, nor a lack of time, or work, or patience.

It is a lack of will. It is the lack of a champion.

Where is the legislator who will write the bill that reads,

the Legislative Service Council is charged with providing for the citizens of New Mexico, world class webcasting of deliberative meetings in the Roundhouse and, here's a very few hundred thousand dollars to do it right.
With a few hundred thousand more, the Legislative Council service could expedite the surrender of ethically redacted public records to its practical limit.

It isn't about whether it can be done,
it is about the will to get it done.

Public corruption and incompetence are enabled by the sanction we give them. They are out of control because we are complicit in our complacency.

There has to be a bill to fight over. No bill means no fight.
You cannot win a fight if there is no fight.

We are about to loose the fight over webcasting by forfeit.

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