Sunday, February 13, 2011

No wonder NM Public Education is a failure

In the entire state, Secretary of Education Designate Hanna Skandera cannot find even one person worthy of a seat at her table.

Nowhere in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years of teaching experience in New Mexico Schools is there even one person who could earn their share of the $152K that Skandera is going to pay some out-of-staters to cast a "fresh" eye on our problems.

The need to import expertise cannot be justified, in particular when there is overwhelming and underutilized expertise and education, intellect and experience immediately at hand.

The need to import a plan rests on prejudice. A plan cannot be crafted locally because there is not enough education and experience, intellect and expertise in the room to get it done.

They are in the room, they've just never had a seat at the table.

Nobody has ever asked them what they think is wrong.

The freshest eyes of all are the eyes of teachers and others who work everyday at the educational interface; the place where the system meets the student, where the rubber meets the road; classrooms.

NM educators need a Secretary of Education who can facilitate their involvement in educational decision making.

Skandera's manifest disrespect for New Mexico teachers disqualifies her from further consideration for the post.

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Anonymous said...

well said and long overdue!