Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Brandenburg; asleep at the switch or part of the cover up?

APS senior administrators behaved criminally in 2006-07, link.
It was in fact, felony criminal misconduct.

Though the most of the criminal misconduct was committed by the leadership of the APS Police Department, the APS Police Department is the only agency of law enforcement that has ever investigated. They are in fact, "still investigating" four years later and after statutes of limitation have expired on the criminal misconduct.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is aware of the criminal misconduct.


"The investigation is ongoing & being reviewed. It will take months before we make any decisions, as it is complex and we are working on many other things, too."

Kari Brandenburg

Well, it has been many "months" and Brandenburg has still done nothing.

She is apparently complicit in or complacent about,
the cover up of felony criminal misconduct by APS senior administrators.

The Journal has no choice but to ignore her complicity or complacency, as they cannot point to either without drawing attention to their part in the cover up as well.

photo Mark Bralley

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