Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pre-election audit?

There is an accountability crisis in the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools.

It has been acknowledged by the Governor who speaks of a statewide earned reputation for dodging accountability.

It has been acknowledged by the Mayor who finds APS accountability so out of control as to warrant his usurping the public’s control over their public schools.

If elected to the school board I will address the issue of accountability head on. I will do so by restoring to the public, their authority over public servants in their public service.

1) There will be absolute transparency of the public interests in the public schools. All accounting will be immediately available to the public. There will be a good faith response to any legitimate question regarding public interests.

2) There will be honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct for public servants. Within their public service, they will be accountable for their character and their competence.

Accountability will be guaranteed by a system that is impartial, fair, and beyond the undue influence of even the most powerful public servant.

The competence and character of the Leadership of the APS will measured by means of an impartial annual Administrative Accountability Audit.

The Administrative Superintendent will be held accountable for the results of that audit.

The School Board is accountable to voters for the Superintendent's performance.

It is important that the first audit be completed in time for voters to hold current APS leadership accountable at the polls.

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