Friday, January 19, 2007

Dear Mr. MacQuigg:

Because you are a school board candidate, I am writing a story about your recent conflicts with the school board and your having been escorted out of several board meetings in recent weeks for what the board says is disruptive behavior. I will be including information obtained from law suits you filed in both district and federal courts. I would like to get your comments today for the story and have not been able to reach you by telephone. Please contact me at XXX-XXXX today.

Thank you,
Amy Miller

After years, literally, the story is to be written. It is to be written apparently at the behest of the leadership of the APS. I suspect that they have furnished the newspaper with “evidence”.

I suspect that considerable thought has been put into what was released, and into what will continue to be suppressed.

Fair, impartial, accurate and honest reporting on half of the truth, is still only half of the truth.

"A half truth is a whole lie"

From the first, I have insisted upon a principled resolution of the allegations that I have made, and of those that have been made against me by APS administrators and board members. A principled resolution depends upon an impartial consideration of the whole truth guided by a previously accepted set of principles.

I will stand on the truth and hold myself accountable to a principled resolution of every allegation.

I will continue to resist consideration only of, half truths and whole lies.

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