Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson, Mayor Marty Chavez, and I

Are all saying exactly the same thing; there is an accountability issue in the leadership of the APS. My allegations are every bit as credible as are theirs. Mine are in fact more credible, in that I have offered incontrovertible evidence of ethical and criminal misconduct by senior administrators and board members.

I am a pariah in the discussion because I offer an unacceptable solution to the fundamental problems of waste, corruption, and incompetence in public service in the APS. My unexceptable solution is absolute transparency and honest accountability in the leadership and administration of the public schools.

If you need any proof that you have lost your control over power that is fundamentally yours; what more proof could you need than the fact that, it is the public servant who determines when and if questions about their public inservitude will be answered.

Governor, running for President Richardson can not be compelled to answers questions about his public service. Neither can Mayor, running for Governor Chavez.

It is a privilege of the privileged class not to entertain questions; except from other members of the privileged class. Under no circumstances will they respond to a question from one of the great unwashed. It is a rule.

Their privilege exists because they are in control of a great deal of power; power they have usurped from the people.

They will not be compelled to relinquish control over our power by any system that they control. They control the government, the legal system, the media, and this election.

There is one way to revoke this kind of privilege.

The only thing that they cannot control is the right to assemble. If enough people assemble to revoke the privilege of the leadership of the APS; their privilege will be revoked.

They say that there is no stopping and idea whose time has come.

A principle is under attack. The worth of a principle is manifest by the commitment to it, the apparent willingness of people to defend it. The currency of commitment is sacrifice

You have to stand up for what you believe in. You have to go to the candidate forum and demand absolute transparency and honest accountability in public service in the public schools.

There is no equivalent gesture.

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