Monday, January 22, 2007

Trib headline; "APS discreetly promotes mill levy"

In other words don’t be expecting any coverage of the truth by the Trib. They have just told you why you won't be seeing any coverage of the mill issue or the board election in the trib. They also won't be printing anything about the APS ethics and accountability scandal. Even though their ethical obligation to voters clearly requires otherwise. Not one word about the candidate forum. So much for Journalistic Ethics.

No where will they print that the stewards of mill levy are not honestly accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct as they spend it. Or that they have refused to accept honest accountability a dozen times, and falsified public records to cover it up.

No where will the Tribune allow voters to decide for themselves if that is a risk worth taking.

Perhaps voters might want to hold the APS Leadership accountable for placing them in a position of having to accept their waste, and corruption, and incompetence, in order to keep their childrens’ heads dry.

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Anonymous said...

If you want people to go to the (School Board) candidate forum, you'd better tell them again when and where it is.