Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why are you doing this?

Amy Miller asked me for her next article.

I told her, "because I taught about 5,000 children to stand up for what they believed in."

I would now add to my response that, you can't very well tell a child to stand up for what they believe in, and not obligate yourself to create a world that will respect their stand.

As Character Counts Trainers, we would give child graduates of our training a tee shirt that on its front and back read,

Stand up for what you believe in...

Even if you are standing alone.

If you tell a child that their character counts, and that their character depends on standing up for what they believe in; you owe that child something more than to stand there doing nothing while he gets his ass kicked.

A child standing up for what s/he believes in, should never stand alone.

There should be an adult behind them offering support,
an adult beside them sharing the sacrifice,
and an adult in front of them leading by their example.

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