Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why APD "really" can't find enough good cops

Mayor Richard Berry would have us believe that the reason he can't keep the police force full of good cops, is because we aren't paying them big enough bonuses.  Journal

His logic flies in the face of a number of police departments that are at least nearly fully staffed without paying bonuses.

It can't be just the money.

If answer is really only money, what kind of people are we going to end up recruiting?

APD Chief Gordon Eden
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I've worked in enough organizations to know that tight budgets aren't the real morale busters.  It is failed leadership.

There is no more accurate indicator of organizational (ill)health than poor morale and no greater cause of poor morale than leadership failure.

There is no greater condemnation of poor leadership than poor morale.

CABQ CAO Rob Perry
Nonsense?  All
Eden, Perry and
Berry need to
do, is to actually survey the rank and file (in circumstances free of fear of retaliation for speaking the truth).

All any one of them has to do is to allow the rank and file to respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly, identify the real morale busters, and then explain how they; Richard Berry, Rob Perry and Gordon Eden are not personally responsible for all of them.

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