Monday, February 01, 2016

APS can hold more elections next year

There is a certain amount of ill-logic in this morning's Journal report, link, intended to get voters out to support the APS bond issues and mill levy.

$109K a year, APS Capital Master Plan Executive Director Kizito Wijenje began by telling the Journal that "losing a bond election means you lose a year of projects."  Yet he went on to report that when voters turned down a bond issue in 2002;

“It took us until 2013 to recover from that. … It is very, very disruptive, not only financially but especially for the kids. You have a generation of kids disrupted for three, four years.”
This, though he went on to admit;
APS came back the very next year with a bond issue that passed.
That seems to conflict with his report that "a generation of kids were disrupted for three, four years".

As part of his argument, Wijenje pointed out that because the last bond issue failed; APS was compelled to spend more than a million dollars to "install a portable building".  He did not elaborate on how exactly, APS managed to pay more than a million dollars for a portable building worth more like $50,000.

APS is still to admit their stewardship failure, or to produce any plan to mitigate it.

Voting down the bond issues and mill levy remains still, the only choice if voters want to regain any semblance of control over the power and resources they entrust to the stewardship of the leadership of the APS.

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