Wednesday, February 10, 2016

APS' seach for the next supt., a fait accompli?

It will come as a surprise to no one, if APS' interim becomes the next full time superintendent.  The track has been laid.  The APS school board and their friends at the Journal have done everything they can to habilitate the reputation of the heir apparent to the superintendency.

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APS interim Supt. Raquel Reedy has even already made the obligatory new superintendent tour of the district, albeit only to the homes of seven families, one in each school board member district.

Her tour, like all of the preceding new superintendent tours, did not make a stop at any place where groups of teachers could speak freely and without fear of retaliation over what they need to say.  So far, she is indistinguishable from her predecessors.

She looks like a superintendent and she quacks like one.
Is she one?

Only the school board knows what is afoot and they're not saying; not candidly, forthrightly and honestly anyway.

Are they obligated in any way to stir the pot in search of yet another superintendent if they already have one seemingly up to the task.

The board's obligation is not to find the best possible superintendent.  If it were, their record is one of abject failure. There is no consensus really, on what the best possible superintendent even looks like.

Their job is to find a "good" superintendent.   If they really believe they have that in Reedy already, why fix what ain't broke?  If the board has found someone that they think can do the job, why would they waste money looking for someone else who can do the job?

The longer Reedy serves (without screwing up in any major way) the more difficult it will be to begin a replacement process that appears legitimate.

Reedy is ready.  She is ready willing and able to aid and abet;
  • the cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators in the leadership of their publicly funded private police force, and
  • the denial of due process for whistleblowers and other complainants, and
  • the abdication of the leadership from their duties and responsibilities as the senior most administrative role models of the standards of conduct that they enforce upon students; the Pillars of Character Counts!; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct
  • the obfuscation of any effort to conduct any independent examination and review of ethics, standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS.
Reedy has proven that she has what school board members want most; she isn't going to rock their boat; she's not going to make any waves.  She will polish APS' apple while hiding the rot in its core.

The deal is done.

They have only one thing left to do; make stake and interest holders think somehow, that they participated meaningfully in the decision making.

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Anonymous said...

She refused to listen to APS high teachers who came to her office last week to drop off letters with teacher signatures about requesting to end the exhausting 6-period a day teaching schedule. When teachers from Albuquerque High delivered her their letters, she was at first glad to see them, but then she was shocked about the purpose of their visit that now she refuses to meet with other high school teachers. Furthermore, the associate superintendent for high schools Todd Resch actually filmed the AHS teachers who delivered the letters. One might wonder what he is going to do with that video. After AHS visit, other schools' teachers stopped by her office only to learn that she would not see them. By this Friday, most of APS high schools will have delivered their letters of concern about having to teach more classes without raises. Isn't she supposed to listen to her employees' legitimate concerns? Or is she unable to face the pressing high school challenge because she has no high school leadership experiences? Her touchy-feely elementary school experiences are simply not enough to make her a superintendent of the school district of 13 high schools and 27 middle schools. She is neither qualified or ready to lead APS. Leaders do not hide behind their doors under pressure. Leaders lead by example. She is not fit to lead APS.