Monday, February 01, 2016

KKOB pushing the bond issue and mill levy as "news"

KKOB radio is running ads in support of the AP' bond issue and mill levy.  Nothing wrong with that; they can sell ad space to whomever they want.

The problem comes during the 'news" part of the day.  They are running a list of all the good things that can be accomplished should voters entrust the leadership of the APS with another few hundred million dollars.  Again, nothing wrong with that; what good can be done with the money is part of the reasonable discourse during the election process.

But, they never get around to the other side of the story;
the reasons why the unreformed leadership of the APS
should not be trusted with control over any more of our
power or any more of our resources.

It amounts to slanted news.  It amounts to an abomination;
in especially during an election.  In especially in a time when
democracy itself is at stake.

The "program director is one Pat Frisch.  I don't know that that equates to new director; I sought clarification in an email to same;

Mr. Frisch,

If I were unhappy with KKOB's in the midst of reporting the news, coverage of the school bond issue and mill levy election, if I thought it was more of an endorsement than even handed coverage of "the news", would you be the person I would appropriately hold responsible for the content?

grateful for your time and attention

ched macquigg
diogenes' six
Frisch did not respond.

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